Yaarumilla thaniyarangil – Keyboard notes !

14 10 2014

This song caught my attention few weeks back and it was in loop in my music player for quite sometime.

This is in F# major and notes are as follows:



23 07 2014

ArunJohn alias Ironman70.3 alias Half-Ironman, a dream come true. Oh baby I feel like flying, flying up above in the air. The journey towards this was not so easy and I could reach there only by perseverance. It all started around 3 years back when I had just learnt swimming and I could not even cross 25m in water at a stretch. I used to be really afraid of depth then and used to take 3 breaks to complete a lap i.e, 50m at the velachery aquatic complex. I used to see mails from CTC conducting triathlons and one of my friends used to talk about someone who had completed half-iron triathlon and used to practise at the same Velachery pool. I had then (2 years back) registered for sprint level triathlon and completed it but my swimming was so shabby and I managed to complete it somehow by taking rest on ropes every now and then. I used to wonder how these people swim such a long distance(1.9km) but I was not giving up so easily and there was something from inside of me telling I will be able to do it one day. The next level was Olympic (1.5 year back) and this time CTC were conducting it in Anna swimming pool which had varying depth from 4-12 feet and the ropes were not so strong. I had not got better in swimming by then though I had taken membership at velachery pool and I could not stand in the middle as the ropes were not so robust and I was not so confident about breathing techniques and I had to quit. I went straight to Velachery pool and started practicing, corrected my mistakes on my own, learnt to feel comfortable in water and slowly started to get rid of my fears. Then I started to be a regular at the pool and started observing people and learnt breaststroke just by observing people. This helped me a lot in my floating techniques and feel more comfortable in water and this in turn had a positive effect on freestyle as well as then I became more confident and I started to breath sub-consciously in water just like changing gears after learning to ride a two-wheeler well. Then I increased my maximum distance gradually from 50m to 100m to 200m to 500m to 1km to 1.5 km to 2km. I had crossed a non-stop 2km twice so far without even stopping for hydration and now I am so confident that I can do a non-stop 1km everytime I get into water even without stopping for hydration.  After such rigorous practice I was waiting for that big day , the next event when half-iron will be one of the categories. Finally it was announced , the 13th of july 2014. I had 3 months to get prepared physically and mentally. I know mental preparation was the most important of all. I had asked 2 of friends to watch over my swimming on the day since it was in open waters at ottiambakkam quarry, even took one of them to the pool a month before and checked the pool, prepared all the backups and made sure there was no hiccups, then registered for the event and started practicing, of course only swimming. Even before one week of the event , the excitement started piling up and I was visualizing my finishing style and status after completing. The day before the event, I had got good sleep throughout that week, I had Balaji to fetch cycle from Balaji cycles, I had my friend Bharathi, my swim guard staying at my home, hydrated myself well, loaded carbs and was all set and slept well.

It was the big day the next morning. We woke up at 3.30 and got ready and carried the cycle to the event spot in my bike, had a little struggle to find the spot but we made it well in time, stretched well and I got into waters as Bharathi took a good position to watch and said “bayapadaama eranguda, nee adichiruva enakku nambikka irukku”. Immediately after the getting in, after 2 strokes got back to the rock and signalled “all is well” to my friend. The water was warmer than outside since it was in the quarry. Then the race started in batches of 10. I was H12 and I started to swim as they signaled for the 2nd batch and now there was no fear just smiles, even as I was swimming towards the rocks on the other side, seeing people swim and seeing the surfers on the other side rowing their boards. The happiness of finding myself swimming in the open waters confidently was the only thing I could feel then. The next 1.9km was a cake walk and it was my personal best as I completed it in 1hr and 12 mins. Then I got out of the pool and changed to cycling/running costume, had 2 sandwiches and gave a send off to Bharathi as he was supposed to come back only around my finishing time and then started towards Kalpakkam, I took a wrong turn for about 1.5kms up and same distance down at the T-junction of OMR and ECR seeing Mamallapuram board pointing on the opposite direction, then saw the Chennai board and realized I had to travel in the opposite direction. As I returned to the T-junction I could see people already coming back and I still had about 10km to the turning point. Reached the turning point at 10.45 and got hydrated, ate some fruits and returned, I knew the return will be easier due to winds in the favorable direction and it was as expected and further one of the volunteers paced me in his bike and gave company from the T-junction till the running spot. We reached there at 1:25pm. My running time started at 1:28. It was here I learnt running, (in fact walking fast I should say) was my strength. I overtook many of those who reached before me in cycling and even my running was the second best of all in my category. I did it in 3 hrs and 2 mins. I listened to my body well, hydrated and ate well during the course and I completed it gracefully and thanked God at the finish and then gave an interview to Peter, “It felt great. I learnt swimming only 2 years back. Cycling took the longest time since I never practised” and then got the medal from him. Got my T-shirt and posed for fotos and then drove the bike back with Bharathi carrying the cycle and we also had to pay fine at the entry into 200feet road. Got ready and went to NLAG for 6pm service which I reached at 6:20, then only I felt sleepy and left to home at around 7:20 and then took some rest before watching the FIFA finals. But still I could watch only the first half before I dozed off for the day.

This was the title for my FB profile picture that day

Arun John alias Ironman70.3 alias Half-Ironman. Now its official. Dedicating this feat to God first and then all my friends and well-wishers. Some names deserve a special mention, Bharathi Dasan, my swimming guard, without whom I would not have got into open waters in first place, Srinivasan, for taking my running to next level with Vibram shoes, Bala Vishwanath, for fetching cycle, Gokul Raju for all his motivation and tips, Gurumoorthi anna for being my inspiration, Tamil Selvan for giving me confidence to register and all CTC volunteers without whom this would not have been possible. — at ottiambakkam.”half_iron

Mangalam Sezhikka – keyboard notes!

17 07 2014

Scale- G major

Aasirvathiyum karthare! – keyboard notes

1 07 2014

I got a request from one of my blog readers for keyboard notes for christian marriage songs. I thought it should be useful to many if I post in my blog itself, well it could be useful for myself in near future ;) . Also I realized I should be posting notes for more songs including devotional songs. Anyway here is part I, aasirvathiyum karthare,. others to follow:

gfec d e gC
g efg e cd
gfec d e gC
g    a    b  C  D  C
C    b   C  D   C    b    a        g a b   C
immayae motchamaakkum vallavare
Cbagfed ed
gfec d e gC
g    a    b  C  D  C


i could not get the lyrics from net properly . But it should be easy to sync with those 3 lines I have, I guess. Its a simple beautiful song in C scale. ‘C’, ‘D’ is higher octave, other small letters are in lower octave.

world tcs 10k marathon!

18 05 2014

open panna namma hero (enna panradhu ithellaam padikkanumgirathu unga thala ezhuthu :P) double decker train’le jannal seat le Chennai noakki thannoda rendu nanbargaloda travel pantrikkumbodhu intha blog post Ezhudheetrukkaaru. Cut panna hero’oda FB page’le oru msg “Arun, neenga world TCS 10K register panteengala” “itho I will do it now”.

Then Tamil and Balaji also joined the Bangalore trip to visit Qgang member Vivek who had also registered for marathon. Friday night oru vazhiya Tamil’a ready panni, we boarded the train along with our randonneur. After hearing stories from Tamil we settled finally and slept at around 11. At 4 o clock in the morning there was a slight tap on my shoulders “anna, next station KR Puram , five minutes aam” it was Balaji. Then we got freshen up and got out of train at KR Puram and boarded a bus asking for JP Morgan stop. Ulla yaerna udanae, Tamil hinted ” Raja song da machchaan” , I said “ya aamaanda machchan”. I was almost half asleep and it did not immediately strike me that we were outside Tamilnadu ;). Then at JP Morgan stop was waiting Vivek to take us to his house. He had made everything ready for us, comfortable beds for 4 of us in his AC room and I had a good morning sleep even as they were talking and sharing memories since it was long time since we met Vivek. When I woke up at around 9am , they were sleeping and I got ready, said my prayers and then learnt from Vivek’s father that they already had breakfast and I went out for breakfast. After lunch we went for BIB collection. Me and Balaji found the indoor Kanteerava stadium after almost roaming around the entire city. It was awesome and I thought we would be finishing inside the stadium but that later only today I realised it was not the case. After collecting the BIB, we went to visit my ex-colleagues who had joined TI in their office. It was drizzling through out the afternoon and we roamed around their office and even played TT at their office, had coffee, had good one hour vetty-talks and then reached Vivek’s house. I purchased some fruits, and chocolates for preparation. Tamil’s friends joined with Vivek and Tamil and they partied till 12, however I slept at 11 and around 4 I got up and woke Vivek up “dey, enthiri 4’o clock da, kelambuvom” “machaan naan varle da, night vaera saapadala” “machaan enakku vazhi vaera theryaadhu da, naethae unna prepare’aaga sonnenae da” after few conversations “ok, anga edhaavadhu saapda kedaikkuma” “aamaanda , they will give oranges banana, juice and all” “ok machaan naanae varren, epdiyavadhu will finish” . We reached at around 10 mins before the start. When I entered the stadium people were already queued up at the starting point and I managed to reach in time. Started the run as usual with my favorite song. Maintained a good speed till 2 to 3 km. After that I could not carry on with the speed, as I did not take any fruits or chocolates in the morning since I had to cross so many hurdles even to make it on time. From then on normalized and finally got some oranges at around 5-6km and from then on regained some speed and made it at 1hr 10s . Could not complete within 750 rank and missed the T-shirt. Also did not get a good feel of run since it was like a running in a herd , no space, not much energizers provided and I would say they did not organize well for the money they collected. After the race, I had to struggle to get to know where the exit was and then to find the way to parking. Finally I reached the parking, called Vivek and he also managed to reach parking after struggle and then we took fotos and left to house. Got ready and reached the 10’oclk English service at FGAG church Indiranagar in 20 mins . In the mean time I realized that I had learnt to drive Vivek’s discover efficiently. After the service I reached home, got things packed and we left to KR Puram after lunch and boarded the double decker. I got the jannal seat and started writing this post hearing my favorite collection songs in my old phone…

Harjaiyaan – Queen – Keyboard notes !

11 05 2014

I have been requested to take notes for this song for about 2 weeks now. Finally I made it. Here it is.Image


Kandangi Kandangi ! – Jilla – Keyboard notes.

27 03 2014

Long since I posted. Wanted to post notes for this song since long, but could not find time. Finally its here.



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