My Next Song! – Yegovah Shalom Neer

2 03 2020

This song was written and composed 3 years back, but I could not give it a proper form. Finally, God has lead me to find Isaac anna, who has helped with music arrangements for this song. And I learnt the Da vinci resolve tool to edit the video for this song and it has come out amazingly well. Here is the song. Please share it if you like it


Karthar Neer Enthan Meippar – My first composition

2 01 2019

Thanking God for giving me this new song. Two years after writing and composing this song, we are finally able to give it new color and record it. Taking this moment to thank our pastor and church members. Thanks to my music teachers. Thanks to Karthick for music arrangements and Kishore for helping me with video editing.

Ironman – A journey to remember !

28 03 2016

Finally, I am writing this post and I am very much pleased to have accomplished the feat. This journey has taken about 4 years, ever since I started to learn swimming, got to know about triathlon events happening in Chennai, reading and hearing about success stories of friend’s friends who had completed the event. At that point of time, half-iron was the highest level of triathlon being conducted in Chennai and I had already set my eyes on that, but then it was next to impossible for me who caafn then hardly swim 30m continuously. My first ever triathlon was sprint level in March 2013. The swim leg was conducted in velachery aquatic complex and I managed to complete it, by holding on the ropes to breath for every 20-30m. With that confidence I had signed up of for the next level (olympic) in july 2013. This time the swim leg was in Anna swimming pool in Marina. My swimming had not improved much during this time and here the ropes were not so good and also the pool was variable depth from 4-12 feet. Half way through the first lap I tried to hold on to the ropes to breath,  but it could not support, and I returned and had to quit and I had written this post . Took membership in Velachery, developed breastroke just by observing the swimmers, improved on breathing, gradually started to lose fear of water, came back strong and conquered the same swimming pool in Mar 2014 triathlon and completed my first olympic triathlon. Then with this confidence, went on to complete half-ironman (my dream at that point of time) in july 2014 that too with swim leg being conducted in open waters of ottiambakkam (of course, with the confidence from my swimming guard Bharathi Dasan). Till then I had not thought about full-ironman and even after completing half-ironman , I told Bharathi that I will not be torturing my body anymore and will be doing only half-marathons and sprint triathlons after that.


Gradually, somehow I started thinking about full-ironman and this interest soon grew into an urge sub-consciously and I had decided to give it a try atleast. Registered for full-ironman the same year, kept practising swimming and by this time my swimming had improved a lot and I was doing 4km swim in 2:20 in swimming pool. Also, during these years I had completed many half marathons and a full marathon and also ran ultra marathon(50K) that september. On December 20,2014, much awaited full-iron day, CTC’s 3rd edition of full iron triathlon, I completed the swim leg easily in 2:02 just with breastroke as my swimming guard and surfers were looking over. It was a success in itself, had sandwiches and took close to 25-30 minutes to start my cycling (pro-bikers had sponsored a cannondale roadie) and I completed cycling in close to 10:30 hrs after having 2 punctures in the back wheel (one near 20km, probikers mechanics cleared it and the next one close to run start point) , handed over the cycle to mechanics and I was sitting over there thinking whether I should be running. This was because , it was around 7:30 pm in the evening and it was dark and I was afraid of dogs and I was telling Peter, I dint want to run because of fear of dogs. He called over Allwin, a volunteer and told me he will come along with and if there is any dog he will bark and clear the dogs. In the second 10k loop, Venky came along for cycle marshalling. Around 19KM (around 10pm) had vomitting and while I was sitting and resting, came the next mental disintegration in the form of a local from the village who came and spoke “yaen night laam ipdi oadeetrukkeenga, paaru vaandhi eduthutrukka” . I also had a flight to catch the next day early morning and I had to play Keyboard and I calculated the sleeping time that I could pull off before the getting ready to flight if I completed the event after taking few minutes of rest. It was less than 2 hours as the flight was around 6 AM in the morning and I can complete by max 2AM and I decided to quit (this post Ironman! explains further). Came back in Bharathi’s car to Mani’s house and Mani dropped me in airport the next day morning. I was telling Bharathi, now I know I can finish, that is enough and I will not be doing it again. He promptly replied, “nee ippo poi thoongu, we will look at it later. Oru time mudichuru. Any way decide on that later”.




After few months, this urge began to grow again and it will not be satisfied until I complete it and I decided I have to take the experience and I should complete it the next year at any cost or just keep trying. So, I again completed half iron in july 2015, just for training for the main event, this time improved on timing by one hour, but did not celebrate as I did after finishing it first time. As soon as the registrations for december full-iron opened, I registered immediately and was confident of finishing this time. Even practised cycling(I never practise cycling) 80km on a weekend in November along with Sivaram. I was eagerly waiting for the big-day but due to floods it got postponed and was re-scheduled on March 5, 2016. This meant more heat and humidity throughout the cycling leg, but I was still confident. The big day arrived, this time got cycle from Gokul with all accessories, got bag from Sivaram and this time Bharathi and Sivaram accompanied me to the quarry. I completed swim leg in 2:15 hrs changed and started to cycle in 15 mins. While cycling made sure that, I was always over 20kmph all the time except for around 20mins in the whole stretch. Completed cycling by 6:40 and started running by 6:50(half an hour earlier than my previous time). Looked for Allwin, could not find him. Spotted Venky, and he sent Kannan Gokul along with me for the first loop and promised to come with me in the next loop after arranging an MTB suiting his height. Then Sulai Sha, a friend of Venky came along in the second loop. By this time I had given u on walk/jog and continued with only brisk walk after 15km. Had vomiting around same 19km mark due to some breathing problem due to change over from hot and humid conditions to heavy cool breeze. In the third loop, again Kannan Gokul accompanied me and from the half of third loop Naresh ji took over. These guys were really awesome and kept motivating me throughout the run. This time also I met a local during the run leg, but for a change, this time it was on a positive note, he was saying “ji, inga oadravangallyae neenga thaan fit’a theriyareenga, neenga first vandhuruveengala” , “ille ji, first laam ennaaala varamudiyaathu, aana naan complete panneeruven” , “kandippa complete panneerunga, all the best” . Met him again during the last loop just before 3km, he said ” mudichuruveengalla, naanga poi tea kudichittu varrom, inga thaan iruppom” , “innum 3km thaan ji, mudichiruven.” Then went on and completed and everyone was happy, by the time, Bharathi had come in his car , then thanked all the cyclists who came along, collected my medal and came back home in Bharathi’s car, vomitted again slightly in the car, then he put all my things in my home and left. The next day morning I woke up, apologized to him and then went to church with Babu and came back and enjoyed Asia cup final. I updated my profile picture with the status

Glory to God and thanks to all my friends, supporters,those who prayed for me, all CTC volunteers and photographers and all those who made this happen. Now, its official. Arun John is an ironman. Finally the wait is over and I did manage to complete it in 19:30 hrs just within 20hr cutoff. Special thanks to Gokul Raju, for all the motivations and timing challenges he had given me right from half marathon days and this time for providing me his cycle, which should have atleast saved me some 45 mins than the previous timing, Raghul Trekker, who by chance met me at the cycle shop and helped me in getting the cycle heights right for me, Sivaram for helping me in cycling training and accompaniying me to the quarry on the event day,Bharathi Dasan, for carrying me to and from the event in his car and watching over me during the swim part, all the CTC volunteers at every aid stations, especially those who cycle marshalled me during run this time and the previous times, Allwin Kumar, Venkateswaran Whenghee Sekar, Sulai Sha, Kannan Gokul, Nareshkumar, big salute to you guys, Prasanthi, for introducing me to CTC marathon back in 2012, (it has been quite a journey since then), and all those who had been with me in previous events, Bala, Karthik, Tamil, Manikandan,Satheesh, (hope I had not missed anyone there), thank you all once again! Dreams do come true ! The biggest thing off my bucket-list now!#naanum_ironman_thaan

— at Ottiambakkam Quarry.”

on Monday, I received an amazing response from my colleagues. Our VP, HR and Admin congratulated me as I showed them my medal and they collected few photos taken during the event from me. The next day, I entered the office and headed towards canteen for breakfast, humming a song and was taken by surprise when I saw a poster of mine in the canteen door. And as I entered and turned left, much bigger surprise I could see the same poster being projected on the screen. This was followed by a mail to entire office. I never expected such a response. It was huge and now everyone in our Chennai office knows me as ironman.

I was telling Srini about all these happenings

And he said “Awesome da, Machi, state liye very few would have finished, cbe lendhu were there someone else? “

“I dont think anyone machi. wow.suddenly this seems big”

It is big :)”


and btw, I received my finisher t-shirt by courier just now