IND vs AUS practice match !

14 02 2011

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning yesterday, switched of the alarm which I had earlier set for 4:35, and got ready to get down at K.R.Puram. Perhaps, Srini was right in replying, “You will Get up da !” , when I asked him just before booking my train ticket  to Bangalore, ” Dey , Yeshwantpur express’le mattunthaan tickets available, miththa trains’laam are already booked….  K.R.Puram’le eranguna correct’a irukkumle ,… but adhile oru prachchanai , 4:50’kulle endhirikkanum, 2 mins thaan anga nikkum,…  illena aprom yeshwantpur’lirundhu thirumba varanum…. Ithulyae book pannava, ille tatkal’ku wait pannava ?” . I was waking up every one hour and was checking the time during the entire six hour journey (may be due to excitement of  watching the match in the stadium for the first time).

Reached Srini’s place by 5:45 . Obviously, people were enjoying a nice sleep in the early morning weather , that too  Bangalore early morning weather , I also had a small nap for 15 mins , then got ready, went to church and came  back, met friends there . They felt I have ‘put on weight’ (read as ‘grown muscles’ 😉 ) and have darkened in complexion. Then we spent some time kalaaichifying each other , before we (Srini, Size , me and Mas(in place of Veera)) left for the Chinnaswamy stadium.

Three of our ‘super’-seniors , Sundeep anna, Thiru anna , and Yokesh anna were there already at the stadium. ( to reserve seats for us as well  :P) . They gave us a warm welcome ;),  clicking photos ,even as we entered the stands and took our seats. The first impression I had was that the ground was very small , much similar to our PSG tech ground. The toss was over even before we reached. Dhoni had won the toss and elected to bat first . We were hoping to Sachin step in. But we were disappointed to hear later that Sachin was rested for the match. India struggles all through the innings and managed to score only 214 before all 10 got out. Only thing , that was satisfying in the first innings was that we were able to see Sehwag score a six and Yusuf Pathan 2 sixes . Apart from that , me and size were whistling and dancing for the music that was played after almost every four ( ei podu.. ei podu.. ei kuthu ei kuthu,,, ah gumka ah gumka 😉 ) we were doing this piece of classical dance 😉 most of the time (ringa ringa paattu poattu vitta aadaama irukka mudiyuma 😀 .. and sometimes , rock music poaitrundhuchchu , appo kooda mananthalaraama kuththa poattoam , audience asanthuttaangille) , later when we got bored of classical , we tried some different steps as well (adhukku paeru western’nu suththi irundhavanga paesikkitaanga :P) , paththaathukku kadaisiya ‘Shiela ki Jawaani’ music vaera poattu vittutaanga :D. Once, Pinnaadi ukkaantruntha oruththan “super dance” (‘may be’ sarcastic 😀 ) apdinnaan. Appovaavathu nippaattuvamaannu try pannaan ,…  asaraliye :D.  We were doing this so frequently that as time progressed , even Sundeep anna ,Thiru anna , Srini could not resist and they also joined the party . Oru Gentleman’s game’le Kuththaattaththa start panni vechcha perumai kandippa engala saerum :D.  We all seven were wave dancing for each four and shouting that the row in front of us and behind us remained almost vacant from about one hour from the start of the match . Antha entire crowd’lye over enthusiastic crowd naangalaa thaan irundhiruppoam. Ithu poaga camera man munnaadi varusaya 6 paerum cell phone cameraava ellaa angles’lyum thiruppi avara pampudikkira maadhiri pose kuduththu kaduppaethinoam. Vaera enna seyya ,.. naanga avlo kastappattu kuththa poattaa , engala vittuttu , ponnungalyum, keela nintrunthavangalayumae big screen’le kaattitrundha engalukkum koavam varaththaana seyyum . kaduppaethinaar , my lord 😛 (epdiyo TV’le vandhiruppoamnu oru nambikka irundhuchchu ,.. adhu vaera visayam 😉 )  .

Later , Australia started of very well . They were 70 for no loss with run-rate above 6 . India jeikkumnu oru thuli kooda nambikkaye ille .(seekrom match mudinjirum , veettukku seekram poayiralaamnu soltu irundhen 😛 ) . Adhukkapprom naanga azhumbudrakkaagaththaan Sreesanth sreeasanth’nu kaththunoam , adhile urchaagappattu payabulla wicket eduththiruchchu :P. Then Ponting walked in , adhukku Sundeep anna oru claps poattathu innum kannukkullye nikkudhu. 😀 They were still going strong till Punter made 50 . Then suddenly Piyush Chawla broke in with 2 wickets. It was during that time , our group succeeded in originating Mexican wave in crowd, not just once but twice(I would say it is one of our life time achievements ).  The environment was then electrifying.  Ponting  could only keep watching , while the other end collapsed . Bhajji also took some crucial wickets. Dhoni was fabulous with 3 stumpings (2 of which were stunning). Finally Ponting also fell and we won 38 runs . We all hi-fi’ed  each other , jumped and danced before we left.

When we came out I looked for my headset , which I had to place outside due to restrictions , but could not locate it. Ticket cost me some 500 ,I lost my headset there, I traveled all the way to Bangalore from Chennai, all for this match . But at the end of the day , the experience was 100 times worth it. India jeiyichchadhukku crowd’um oru kaaranam . Innum solla poana “naanga aadunathu naala thaan jeyichchoam 😉 ” 😀




8 responses

16 02 2011

only terror!!!!
the Mexican wave!!!!! at last ECE jinx was broken with that two mexican waves 🙂
not to mention the ‘classical dance’ \m/ \m/

16 02 2011
Arun John

namma ECE’ ae ille machi 😉

16 02 2011

Naanum local dan naanum local dan…:-)

17 02 2011
Arun John

Nee Bangalore thaan … theriyum 😛 .. naan Chennai’vaasi 😉

inga oraey oru punch sollikiraen 😉 ,.. “annan 100% local , all over TamilNadu kalakkal” 😀

17 02 2011

Nice da…. Avanuga(AUS) 4 adichathukum namma mattum than dance pannunomnu elutha miss pannitayeda. ITs ok. ithelam velila solla kudathu… 🙂

17 02 2011
Arun John

he he ,.. solteengalle … ippokkooda adhu sarcastic dance’nu solli samaalichukkalaam 😉

18 02 2011

now I got what you meant by wave dance.. should have put it 😦

anyways, you have written it nicely 🙂

18 02 2011
Arun John


ungalavukku illainaalum , edho ennala mudinjadhungna ,.. anyway thanksungna ! B-)

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